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Happy Shopping!
Do kindly email us for any enquiry or orders

Do kindly direct all enquiry n order to h0neyhub@live.com.sg.

*Pls read before placing an order. Thank you*

Strictly NO dead buyers/MIA (blacklist!)

No payment = No order. Orders will be taken in accordance to time of payment. All unpaid orders by the closing date will be cancelled.

No further discount will be given (unless stated), as we're already selling all items as cheap as we can.

Only 1 transaction - for item & postage.

No cancellation of orders after order is comfirmed and paid.

Strictly NO MEET UP/Self Collection. (Due to our busy work schedule.)

All items will be mailed strictly via SingPost to spree-ers. Or you can opt for our Home Delivery.

I will not be responsible if SingPost misplaces/damages your package. Hence, home delivery or registered mails are strongly recommended.
Prices exclude postage unless stated.(Mailed = Normal postage only)

Items sold are NON refundable/exchangable.

Pls understand tat product color may differ due to lighting effects.

No vulgar will be entertained. Therefore, pls be polite with us and we'll be nice to you too. Thanks!

Join spree only if you are comfortable and trust me.

Pls kindly follow and take note of our closing date instead of making all spree-ers to wait and delayed the arrival of items.

Spree items takes 2-3weeks after spree closed, orders and payments sent to supplier. In case of further delay, we will keep you updated.

I will not be responsible for any faults/colour mismatch of the spree stocks, please kindly purchase with your own judgment.

I will not be responsible for missing, defective or erroneous items during shipping, normal mail and any other unusual circumstances.

NOTE: h0neyhub reserve the right to alter the terms and conditions w/o prior notice.

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